It’s Me 247 Online Banking

Got Internet access? Then you’ve got all you need. With our new online banking system, you can handle the majority of your routine banking services from anywhere you have Internet access.

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New users can register for It’s Me 247 by:

  • Filling out & submitting the Online Banking Enrollment Form
  • Call our call center during regular business hours
  • Ask to be registered for It’s Me 247 while visiting a branch location
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Tips for First Time Users

The first time you log into your accounts in online banking, you’ll need to enter your account number and temporary password. Your temporary password is the LAST 4 digits of your Social Security Number. You’ll be required to change that to a permanent password in order to finish logging in the first time. Also make sure to change your username to something other than your account number for security.

BillPayer takes the pain out of paying your bills.

No more licking envelopes or rushing out to buy stamps. The best part–once you’ve entered whom to pay bills to, you’ll never have to enter that information again.

BillPayer features include :

  • Mobile access
  • Flexibility to schedule payments for when you want them to be paid each month
  • Setting up reminders as to when bills are due
  • Verify past payments and review payment history
  • Add, modify, or delete biller information at anytime
  • Same day checks* and overnight checks*
  • Account to account transfer* from other financial institutions
  • The option to have your bill sent to your BillPayer

*May incur a fee.

Signing up is easy!

Remember, you must first be a registered It’s Me 247 (online banking) member. Not registered for online banking? Click here to sign up!

To enroll, just log into It’s Me 247, hover over the “Pay Bills” tab and click “enroll.”  Follow the self-guided instructions to complete the process.

Promise Deposit

Promise Deposit is a service that will allow you to deposit your check online and receive instant access to the money deposited. All you have to do is mail the Deposit Slip and check into our office! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Click “Create a New Deposit” button
2. Add any checks you need to the deposit
3. Mail your checks with the Deposit Slip to the Credit Union

How do I sign up?

If you have online banking, log into your account. Then hover over My Accounts, and click on Promise Deposits under “Manage.” Read through the Terms and then click “Enroll.”

Helpful Tips

  • Checks must be received within 10 days
  • Required fields include: Check Number, Check Amount & Check Date
  • Promise Deposits cannot be accepted at a shared branch location
  • Please don’t put checks in ATMs or it may interfere with the process
  • Don’t forget to sign the check on the back and put your tracking number under it
  • You may be charged a $25 late fee if you break your promise, so please keep your promise!

Only the following accounts may receive Promise Deposits:

  • Main Savings
  • Simply Checking
  • Supreme Checking
  • Additional Savings
  • Vacation Savings